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Tuscon, AZ
A full-stack toolkit for organizing anything.

Invoice sponsors, issue debit cards to your team, and view history.
Ongoing support so you can focus on organizing, not the paperwork.

Bank account

Backed by Silicon Valley Bank with a custom, beautiful dashboard.
501(c)(3) nonprofit statusBecome part of Hack Club's legal entity, getting the benefits of our tax status.
Tax filings (990, end-of-year)We handle all filings with the IRS, so you can focus on your event, not hiring CPAs.

Debit cards

Issue physical debit cards to all your teammates, backed by Stripe.

Balance & history

Check real-time account balance + transaction history online anytime.

Built-in invoicing

Accept sponsor payments with low negotiated rates from Stripe.

Pre-written forms

Download liability + photo forms custom written by expert lawyers.

Transparency Mode

If you’d like, show your finances on public pages for full transparency.

Google Workspace

Get instant, free accounts for your team (like


Send email newsletters for free using our hosted instance of Sendy.

PVSA Awards

Issue the President's Volunteer Service Award to your volunteers.

Zoom Pro

Create Zoom Pro meetings for free from your calendar using Slash Z.

Sticker Mule

Get up to $400 in Sticker Mule credit for custom swag. Hacker

Free Hacker Plans for your team on for 1 year.

Founder's Community

A space on the Slack for nonprofit founders and event organizers.

Support anytime

We’ll never leave you hanging with 24hr response time on week days.
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Check out the Hack Club Bank FAQ.

The best events across the country run on Bank.

Everywhere from Philadelphia to Phoenix to Portland, Hack Club Bank powers events of all sizes.
State College, PA
Hack Pennsylvania

"For me, Hack Club Bank unlocked organizing hackathons. Even after as a club leader, raising money seemed insurmountable. Bank directly enabled organizing events in my community with event bank accounts & a supportive community. I couldn’t recommend it more highly."
Joy LiuLead Organizer
Long Island, NY
Teenhacks LI

"For our hackathon, Hack Club Bank has given us the tools to make sure our organization is professional with sponsors. Bank and their team have created an easily manageable resource to make sure any event is run successfully. We would highly recommend any organization be a part of the Hack Club ecosystem."
Wesley PergamentLead Organizer
Boston, MA

"Hack Club Bank removed the barriers to starting fundraising for MAHacks. In mere days, vs months of nonprofit paperwork, Bank enabled my team to invoice sponsors professionally and manage our finances on a clear, up-to-date dashboard. I highly recommend using Bank & joining the Hack Club community."
Kat HuangLead Organizer
Santa Clara, CA
DV Hacks

"Hack Club Bank is an essential platform for any hackathon organizer! It made us look both professional and credible in front of our sponsors and it relieved us of legal/financial burdens. Hack Club Bank was there for us every step of the way and for a first-year hackathon, that support was priceless."
Khushi WadhwaLead Organizer

Nonprofit? No problem.

Hack Club Bank is a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use financial platform, whether you're receiving your first donation or spend $100,000 a year.
Girl Genius

Girl Genius Magazine is a fully student-run publication inspiring the next generation of female and non-binary leaders in STEAM. Their journalism and inclusive online community are dedicated to breaking down tech’s lingering gender barriers. Becoming fiscally sponsored allowed them to publish more issues, host over 40 workshops, organize a conference, and reach a global audience of 11k readers (and counting).

Founded in 2017, TechShift supports a network of 30+ student-run chapters across 3 continents leading initiatives at the intersection of technology and social impact. With the help of Hack Club Bank, they are bringing about a more equitable technological future through their mentorship programs, community partnerships, microgrants, and the STEM For Social Good Toolkit.
Project Boom

Project Boom is a student-led organization with a simple mission: getting computers to those who need them. Instead of becoming e-waste, old machines are given new life to deserving students worldwide. Joining Hack Club Bank provided Project Boom with a platform to easily accept and manage donations, helping them to repair and ship more computers than ever before.
Execute Big

Execute Big began by using leftover hackathon funds to provide travel grants for students. Hack Club Bank helped make possible their array of grants, fellowships, and innovative programs to share computer science with students nationally. Now their own 501(c)(3) nonprofit, they leverage existing resources to make STEM activities accessible to everyone.

Everything you’ll need.

  1. Legal entity with 501(c)(3) status
  2. We do your taxes
  3. Collect donations via card, check, or ACH
  4. Share access with your whole team
  5. Bank account backed by Silicon Valley Bank
  6. Instant invoice sending
  7. Real-time dashboard of finances
  8. Transaction data export
  9. Record shared notes on transactions
  10. 24-hour response support
  11. Reimbursement process
  12. Physical check sending & voiding
  13. Online direct deposit & ACH transfers
  14. Generate attendee legal waivers
  15. Instant Google Workspace & email addresses
  16. Virtual debit cards (with Apple & Google Pay)
  17. Debit card transaction paper trail
  18. Self-serve signup
  19. Transparency Mode (optional)
  20. Online, embeddable donation form
Bank doesn’t stop at closing ceremony.
Receiving and managing money is just the start. Hack Club Bank helps you handle ongoing obligations while you’re organizing.
  1. We handle ongoing tax filings including end-of-year taxes
  2. Our accountants regularly reconcile your books
  3. You always have access to historical financial data
You pay just
of revenue. No upfront costs.
Hack Club Bank is a fiscal sponsor for your project. Industry standard varies between 7-14% of revenue. Hack Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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Starting in February 2020, we started running Hack Club HQ on Bank (& we don’t count our numbers in these stats).  See our finances here.
Hack Club does not directly provide banking services. Banking services provided by Silicon Valley Bank, an FDIC-certified institution.